Insurance Plan

Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic has contracts with more than 15 plans and networks. Current contracts are listed in the column at right.

If you are a member of a preferred provider organization (PPO) or health maintenance organization (HMO), please contact your health plan before scheduling an appointment to determine your plan's participation with Dr.Camejo-in-Clinic and the terms of your contract. Please note that Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic participates with a limited number of HMOs; all require medical director referral before appointments can be scheduled.

Claims will be filed to your PPO plan. If Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic is not part of your PPO network, your out-of-pocket expenses will increase. (PPOs reimburse at a lower rate when services are received outside the PPO network.)

Copayments will be collected during registration. You are responsible for the initial deductible, coinsurance, copayments and any charges for noncovered services.

Dr.Camejo will decide which procedures, tests and other physician consultations you may need. It's your responsibility to be aware of the terms of your health plan. Pre-certification is required for some procedures before some health plans will pay for them. Examples of services that may require pre-certification are inpatient services, invasive procedures, CT scans, MRIs and colonoscopies. You are responsible for knowing the pre-certification needs of your health plan. Payment for all services that your health plan considers "non-covered under contract" is your responsibility.

If you have secondary insurance coverage, you will receive a supplemental claim form (red and white form) from Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic after your primary insurance has paid. You should attach a copy (not the original) of the Explanation of Benefits form from your primary insurance to this supplemental claim form and send it to your supplemental insurance carrier.

You will receive a statement of account (blue and white form) about five to 35 days after your appointment. This statement itemizes the services provided at Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic.

You will continue to receive statements until all insurance payments and adjustments are posted and the patient responsibility portions are paid in full.

Companies that have contracts with Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinicc

As of January 2006, Dr.Camejo's Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic has contracts with the following health insurance companies. Please note that these relationships change routinely, and patients should contact their plan's representatives to determine coverage.

AMERIGROUP. (Medicaid)





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